Trenwick House Publishing is a place where new and emerging writers can seekĀ  advice, editing services, and design services.

Trenwick is also a full service publishing house. If you have a book you want to get published, then contact us and we can discuss the options.

Trenwick strives to provide the best services we can to ensure writers get the most out of their experience.

encourage – perfect – publish

Encourage the writer. This can be done by a variety of means, including, but not limited to; email, forums and writer’s groups. The encouragement may be in the form of advice, comments on a piece of writing, or by putting them in contact with other people in their area that can help.

Perfect the piece. By offering a range of editorial and assessment services, the writer’s work can be brought up to a publishable standard.

Publish the product. We offer the chance for the writer to get their work published without having to worry about ISBNs or barcodes. We will also be offering electronic publishing as soon as our systems allow.

Engourage, Perfect, Publish