If you have a story, poem, teaching aid, or photo journal you’d like to see in print, contact me.

If you have a manuscript that needs a table of contents or an index, contact me.

If you would like assistance getting your manuscript ready for publication, I can help you.

I have access to editors who can look at your manuscript to check spelling and grammar. You might want a more in-depth assessment, then the editors can look at that as well.

Perhaps you have an idea for a story but you’re unsure of how to proceed. I offer ghost writing, where I assist you to get your ideas written down.

To make further enquiries or for more information, see our contacts page.

Full Publishing package

  • THP admin fee (non-refundable), ISBNs, Barcode, Print-ready Formatting, THP Web site update, Proofread

Lite publishing package

  • all of the above, except for the proofread.

We offer both print and electronic publishing.

General Writing (up to 3 hours)

General Writing, 1/2 hour or part thereof

  • This covers ghost writing, tables of contents and index pages.

Webstore listing fee (per site)

Sampler (20pp)

  • This is a sample of the first 20 pages of your manuscript to use as handouts at promotional events without the need to give away a full copy of the book.

Promo Pack (posters, post cards)

  • We can arrange to have posters, postcards, bookmarks and similar products so you can use them at promotional events.

Artwork (pictures, illustrations, etc)

Cover Design (up to 3 hrs)

Cover Design (per hour after 3 hrs)

  •  These services cover all aspects of design for the cover of the book or for internal illustrations (mostly black and white).

Edit/Assessment (up to 85000 words)

Proof Read (Spelling/Grammar) up to 85000 words

Edit/Assessment (up to 30000 words)

Proof Read (Spelling/Grammar) up to 30000 words

Extra 10000 word blocks (or part thereof)


  • A basic assessment allows for spelling and grammar only to be checked in a manuscript.
  • An advanced assessment also checks spelling and grammar, but will check for consistency in tense and style. The advanced assessment also looks at character and plot continuity.